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Discover what you've been missing

Adjust the water temperature, pressure, and spray position with Remote.

Remote Controlled Bidet

Warm Air Dryer

For ultimate sustainability, the 4-level warm air dryer gives you a hands-free drying experience.

Heated Seat

Say hello to a warm, welcoming seat.

Hands Free Lid

The motion- activated lid on our intelligent toilet seat senses your presence and automatically raises and closes for you. 

Easy to Install

Install on your existing commode under 10 minutes*

without breaking anything. 

Get the Right Fit

  • Measure the distance from the bolt holes to the front of the toilet bowl to determine the toilet shape

  • If d is 41cm – 45cm order a short seat

  • If d is 45cm – 50cm order a long seat

About Us

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In the buzzing tech world of Japan, I was coding away as a software engineer. But then, on a Ladakh vacation, I had a chilling toilet seat moment that changed everything. I "Sayonara" the job, returned to India and LushWash was born! Now, we're all about cosy heated seats and showers. Living the toilet dream!

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