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Get Paid to Poop

Scrolling reels
while pooping?

What if we tell you that we will pay you to do so! Because after all “Shit” happens for a reason

Info :

So if you are up for some crazy Shit then Pull Up! sorry sorry!!, pull down your pyjamas and join us for a super fun collab! Here are some points that you can ignore

lushwash poop icon.png

But who are we to reward you
for your shit?

Lushwash posts_edited.png

We are LushWash, we make those cool smart toilet seats,

the one you must have seen in videos about “10,000 Ways in which Japan is ahead of us”, Yes that!


We want everyone to have the most comfortable pooping session

with every toilet visit because Letting Go is an art….


We don’t use or waste toilet paper

That doesn’t mean you have to clean your own poop, you can continue scrolling through your crush’s instagram profile while the Smart LushWash bidet makes your bum cleaner than ever! And dont worry about your wet bum! LushWash bidet has a dryer (that too smart).


LushWash Toilet seats are Warm during Winters.

(Do you need any other reason than this to collab with us?)


We encourage all the business ideas you get

while you poop so an inbuilt smart robot to write them down for you would be great(No we don’t have that right now)

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